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2 years making good venues and bring best music artist are enough reason for this guys. We design mapping on low poly stage and promotional video.

Esferic - Plaza Dante (Montjuïc)
Line Up!

Jeff Mills (Axis - Detroit)
Santiago Salazar (Underground Resistance - LA)
Fred P (Underground Quality - New York)
Tama Sumo (Ostgut Ton - Berlin)
Patrick Specke (Hello?Repeat - Düsseldorf)
Baldo Live (Neovinyl - Barcelona)
Urtzi (Downbeat - Barcelona)
Discos Paradiso All stars (Discos Paradiso - Barcelona)
Dario Damerini (Enterbt Rec - Barcelona)
Alfonso (Clock - Barcelona)
Marc Gimeno (TMB - Barcelona)

The Monkey Bar